Jon H. Fiva

Data sets

Fiva, J. H., A. Halse and G. J. Natvik (2020): ’Local Government Dataset’

   [2012 version]    [2015 version]    [2017 version]    [2020 version]   

Fiva, J. H., R. J. Sørensen and R. Vøllo (2021): ’Local Candidate Dataset’

   [2020 version]    [2021 version]   

Fiva, J. H. and D. M. Smith (2022): ’Norwegian Parliamentary Elections, 1906-2021’

   [2017 article]    [2019 version]    [2022 version]   

Making maps of Norway using Stata

Example based on the current municipal structure (N=356): Party affiliation of mayors 2019-2023

Example based on the previous municipal structure (N=435): Party affiliation of mayors 2011-2015

COVID-19 charts

Weekly deaths: Norway, 2000-2020

Weekly deaths: Norway vs. Sweden, 2015-2020

Weekly deaths: Norway vs. Sweden, 2015-2022 (Updated Nov 6, 2022)

The Norwegian business compensation scheme

Replication files

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